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Université de Fribourg

Composition and technology of 18th century high magnesia faïences from Fulda

Maggetti, Marino ; Serneels, Vincent ; Stasch, Georg

In: Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 2015, vol. 2, p. 40–50

In 1996, archaeological excavations close to the ancient Fulda faïence manufacture site unearthed a rich deposit of faïence wastes (biscuits, faïences, technical ceramics). The manufacture was founded in 1741 by Prince Abbot Amand von Buseck and closed down in 1761. This first archaeometric study of a German faïence manufacture included 31 samples produced between 1742 and 1760. Analytical...

Université de Fribourg

Runaway thinning of the low-elevation Yakutat Glacier, Alaska, and its sensitivity to climate change

Trüssel, Barbara L. ; Truffer, Martin ; Hock, Regine ; Motyka, Roman J. ; Huss, Matthias ; Zhang, Jing

In: Journal of Glaciology, 2015, vol. 61, no. 225, p. 65 - 75

Lake-calving Yakutat Glacier in southeast Alaska, USA, is undergoing rapid thinning and terminus retreat. We use a simplified glacier model to evaluate its future mass loss. In a first step we compute glacier-wide mass change with a surface mass-balance model, and add a mass loss component due to ice flux through the calving front. We then use an empirical elevation change curve to adjust for...

Université de Fribourg

Estimating the volume of glaciers in the Himalayan–Karakoram region using different methods

Frey, H. ; Machguth, Horst ; Huss, Matthias ; Huggel, C. ; Bajracharya, S. ; Bolch, T. ; Kulkarni, A. ; Linsbauer, Andreas ; Salzmann, Nadine ; Stoffel, Markus

In: The Cryosphere, 2014, vol. 8, no. 6, p. 2313–2333

Ice volume estimates are crucial for assessing water reserves stored in glaciers. Due to its large glacier coverage, such estimates are of particular interest for the Himalayan–Karakoram (HK) region. In this study, different existing methodologies are used to estimate the ice reserves: three area–volume relations, one slope-dependent volume estimation method, and two ice-thickness...

Université de Fribourg

Patho-genetics of Clostridium chauvoei

Frey, Joachim ; Falquet, Laurent

In: Research in Microbiology, 2014, p. -

The genomic sequence of Clostridium chauvoei, the etiological agent of blackleg, a severe disease of ruminants with high mortality specified by a myonecrosis reveals a chromosome of 2.8 million base-pairs and a cryptic plasmid of 5.5 kilo base-pairs. The chromosome contains the main pathways like glycolysis/gluconeogenesis, sugar metabolism, purine and pyrimidine metabolisms, but the notable...

Université de Fribourg

Comparative genome analysis of Pseudomonas knackmussii B13, the first bacterium known to degrade chloroaromatic compounds

Miyazaki, Ryo ; Bertelli, Claire ; Benaglio, Paola ; Canton, Jonas ; Coi, Nicoló De ; Gharib, Walid H. ; Gjoksi, Bebeka ; Goesmann, Alexander ; Greub, Gilbert ; Harshman, Keith ; Linke, Burkhard ; Mikulic, Josip ; Mueller, Linda ; Nicolas, Damien ; Robinson-Rechavi, Marc ; Rivolta, Carlo ; Roggo, Clémence ; Roy, Shantanu ; Sentchilo, Vladimir ; Siebenthal, Alexandra Von ; Falquet, Laurent ; Meer, Jan Roelof van der

In: Environmental Microbiology, 2014, p. -

Pseudomonas knackmussii B13 was the first strain to be isolated in 1974 that could degrade chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons. This discovery was the prologue for subsequent characterization of numerous bacterial metabolic pathways, for genetic and biochemical studies, and which spurred ideas for pollutant bioremediation. In this study, we determined the complete genome sequence of B13 using...

Université de Fribourg

Differential Production of phytotoxins from Phomopsis sp. from grapevine plants showing esca symptoms

Goddard, Mary-Lorène ; Mottier, Nicolas ; Jeanneret-Gris, Julie ; Christen, Danilo ; Tabacchi, Raphaël ; Abou-Mansour, Eliane

In: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2014, vol. 62, no. 34, p. 8602–8607

Nine strains of the fungus Phomopsis spp. were isolated from a vineyard showing decline from the disease esca. Strains were screened for their ability to produce secondary metabolites showing chemical diversity. The culture extracts of each strain were analyzed by liquid chromatography–ultraviolet–diode array detection–mass spectrometry. Three strains were selected for the isolation and...

Université de Fribourg

A measurement of the neutron to 199Hg magnetic moment ratio

Afach, S. ; Baker, C. A. ; Ban, G. ; Bison, Georg ; Bodek, K. ; Burghoff, M. ; Chowdhuri, Z. ; Daum, M. ; Fertl, M. ; Franke, B. ; Geltenbort, P. ; Green, K. ; Grinten, M. G. D. van der ; Grujic, Zoran ; Harris, P. G. ; Heil, W. ; Hélaine, V. ; Henneck, R. ; Horras, M. ; Iaydjiev, P. ; Ivanov, S. N. ; Kasprzak, Malgorzata ; Kermaïdic, Y. ; Kirch, K. ; Knecht, A. ; Koch, Hans-Christian ; Krempel, J. ; Kuźniak, M. ; Lauss, B. ; Lefort, T. ; Lemière, Y. ; Mtchedlishvili, A. ; Naviliat-Cuncic, O. ; Pendlebury, J. M. ; Perkowski, M. ; Pierre, E. ; Piegsa, F. M. ; Pignol, G. ; Prashanth, P. N. ; Quéméner, G. ; Rebreyend, D. ; Ries, D. ; Roccia, S. ; Schmidt-Wellenburg, P. ; Schnabel, A. ; Severijns, N. ; Shiers, D. ; Smith, K.F. ; Voigt, J. ; Weis, Antoine

In: Physics Letters B, 2014, vol. 739, p. 128–132

The neutron gyromagnetic ratio has been measured relative to that of the 199Hg atom with an uncertainty of 0.8 ppm. We employed an apparatus where ultracold neutrons and mercury atoms are stored in the same volume and report the result γn/γHg=3.8424574(30)γn/γHg=3.8424574(30).

Université de Fribourg

Network-driven reputation in online scientific communities

Liao, Hao ; Xiao, Rui ; Cimini, Giulio ; Medo, Matúš

In: PLoS ONE, 2014, vol. 9, no. 12, p. e112022

The ever-increasing quantity and complexity of scientific production have made it difficult for researchers to keep track of advances in their own fields. This, together with growing popularity of online scientific communities, calls for the development of effective information filtering tools. We propose here an algorithm which simultaneously computes reputation of users and fitness of papers in...