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Calretinin regulates Ca²⁺-dependent inactivation and facilitation of Cav2.1 Ca²⁺ channels through a direct interaction with the α₁2.1 subunit

Christel, Carl J. ; Schaer, Raphael ; Wang, Shiyi ; Henzi, Thomas ; Kreiner, Lisa ; Grabs, Detlev ; Schwaller, Beat ; Lee, Amy

In: Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2012, p. -

Voltage-gated Cav2.1 Ca2+ channels undergo dual modulation by Ca2+, Ca2+-dependent inactivation (CDI) and facilitation (CDF), which can influence synaptic plasticity in the nervous system. While the molecular determinants controlling CDI and CDF have been the focus of intense research, little is known about the factors regulating these processes in neurons. Here, we show that calretinin (CR), a...

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A bipartite butyrate-responsive element in the human calretinin (CALB2) promoter acts as a repressor in colon carcinoma cells but not in mesothelioma cells

Häner, Katrin ; Henzi, Thomas ; Pfefferli, Martine ; Künzli, Esther ; Salicio, Valerie ; Schwaller, Beat

In: Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 2010, vol. 109, no. 3, p. 519-531

The short-chain fatty acid butyrate plays an essential role in colonic mucosa homeostasis through the capacity to block the cell cycle, regulate differentiation and to induce apoptosis. The beneficial effect of dietary fibers on preventing colon cancer is essentially mediated through butyrate, derived from luminal fermentation of fibers by intestinal bacteria. In epithelial cells of the colon,...

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The continuing disappearance of “pure” Ca²⁺ buffers

Schwaller, Beat

In: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 2009///doi:10.1007/s00018-008-8564-6

Advances in the understanding of a class of Ca²⁺-binding proteins usually referred to as “Ca²⁺ buffers” are reported. Proteins historically embraced within this group include parvalbumins (α and β), calbindin-D9k, calbindin-D28k and calretinin. Within the last few years a wealth of data has accumulated that allow a better understanding of the functions of particular family members of...

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Deficiency in parvalbumin, but not in calbindin D-28k upregulates mitochondrial volume and decreases smooth endoplasmic reticulum surface selectively in a peripheral, subplasmalemmal region in the soma of Purkinje cells

Chen, G. ; Racay, Peter ; Bichet, S. ; Celio, Marco R. ; Eggli, P. ; Schwaller, Beat

In: Neuroscience, 2006, vol. 142, no. 1, p. 97-105

The Ca²⁺-binding proteins parvalbumin (PV) and calbindin D-28k (CB) are key players in the intracellular Ca²⁺-buffering in specific cells including neurons and have profound effects on spatiotemporal aspects of Ca²⁺ transients. The previously observed increase in mitochondrial volume density in fast-twitch muscle of PV−/− mice is viewed as a specific compensation mechanism to...