Université de Fribourg

A new model for global glacier change and sea-level rise

Huss, Matthias ; Hock, Regine

In: Cryospheric Sciences, 2015, p. 54

The anticipated retreat of glaciers around the globe will pose far-reaching challenges to the management of fresh water resources and significantly contribute to sea-level rise within the coming decades. Here, we present a new model for calculating the twenty-first century mass changes of all glaciers on Earth outside the ice sheets. The Global Glacier Evolution Model (GloGEM) includes mass loss...

Université de Fribourg

Evaluating the effect of snow and ice melt in an Alpine headwater catchment and further downstream in the River Rhine

Junghans, Nadine ; Cullmann, Johannes ; Huss, Matthias

In: Hydrological Sciences Journal, 2011, vol. 56, no. 6, p. 981–993

The runoff regime of glacierized headwater catchments in the Alps is essentially characterized by snow and ice melt. High Alpine drainage basins influence distant downstream catchments of the Rhine River basin. In particular, during the summer months, low-flow conditions are probable with strongly reduced snow and ice melt under climate change conditions. This study attempts to quantify present...