Université de Fribourg

A framework for the science contribution in climate adaptation: Experiences from science-policy processes in the Andes

Huggel, Christian ; Scheel, , Marlene ; Albrecht, Franziska ; Andres, Norina ; Calanca, Pierluigi ; Jurt, Christine ; Khabarov, Nikolay ; Mira-Salama, Daniel ; Rohrer, Mario ; Salzmann, Nadine ; Silva, Yamina ; Silvestre, Elizabeth ; Vicuña, Luis ; Zappa, Massimiliano

In: Environmental Science & Policy, 2015, vol. 47, p. 80–94

As significant impacts of climate change are increasingly considered unavoidable, adaptation has become a policy priority. It is generally agreed that science is important for the adaptation process but specific guidance on how and to what degree science should contribute and be embedded in this process is still limited which is at odds with the high demand for science contributions to climate...