Université de Fribourg

dSir2 and Dmp53 interact to mediate aspects of CR‐dependent life span extension in D. melanogaster

Bauer, Johannes H. ; Morris, Siti Nur Sarah ; Chang, Chenguyi ; Flatt, Thomas ; Wood, Jason G. ; Helfand, Stephen L.

In: Aging, 2009, vol. 1, no. 1, p. 38-48

Calorie Restriction (CR) is a well established method of extending life span in a variety of organisms. In the fruit fly D. melanogaster, CR is mediated at least in part by activation of dSir2. In mammalian systems, one of the critical targets of Sir2 is the tumor suppressor p53. This deacetylation of p53 by Sir2 leads to inhibition of p53's transcriptional activity. We have recently shown that...