Université de Fribourg

¹⁸²Tungsten Mössbauer spectroscopy of heteropolytungstates

Bochet, Christian G. ; Draper, Thérèse ; Bocquet, Bernard ; Pope, Michael T. ; Williams, Alan F.

In: Dalton Transaction, 2009, vol. 26, p. 5127-5131

The tungsten-182 Mössbauer spectra of a series of Keggin structure heteropolytungstates, [EW₁₂O₄₀]ⁿ⁻ are reported. There is a very considerable variation in quadrupole coupling at the tungsten nucleus indicating considerable asymmetry in the electron distribution for the more electronegative elements E. The quadrupole coupling correlates well with the structural data, in particular...

Université de Neuchâtel

Encoding calamitic mesomorphism in thermotropic lanthanidomesogens

Terazzi, Emmanuel ; Bocquet, Bernard ; Campidelli, Stéphane ; Donnio, Bertrand ; Guillon, Daniel ; Deschenaux, Robert ; Piguet, Claude

In: Chemical Communications (ChemComm), 2006, vol. 27, p. 2922-2924

Peripheral cyanobiphenyl dendrimers impose a microphase organization compatible with smectic mesomorphism, in which the bulky nine-coordinate lanthanide core is located between the decoupled mesogenic sublayers made up of parallel cyanobiphenyl groups.