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    Université de Fribourg

    Photochemical study on the reactivity of tetrasulfur tetranitride, S₄N₄

    Pritchina, Elena A. ; Gritsan, Nina P. ; Zibarev, Andrey V. ; Bally, Thomas

    In: Inorganic Chemistry, 2009, vol. 48, no. 9, p. 4075–4082

    To elucidate the multifaceted but poorly understood chemistry of the pivotal polysulfur−nitrogen heterocycle, tetrasulfur tetranitride (S₄N₄, 1), its photochemistry was studied in Ar matrices. Thereby two primary intermediates and a secondary one (2−4) were detected, and their UV−vis and IR spectra were identified through specific interconversions of...

    Université de Fribourg

    Matrix isolation and computational study of the photochemistry of 1,3,2,4-Benzodithiadiazine

    Gritsan, Nina P. ; Pritchina, Elena A. ; Bally, Thomas ; Makarov, Alexander Yu. ; Zibarev, Andrey V.

    In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2007, vol. 111, no. 5, p. 817 -824

    Photolysis of 1,3,2,4-benzodithiadiazine (1) at ambient temperature yields stable 1,2,3-benzodithiazolyl radicals. In order to reveal the mechanism of this unusual transformation, the photochemistry of 1 was studied in argon matrices using IR and UV-vis spectroscopy. A series of intermediates, including four- and five-membered heterocyclic and o-quinoid acyclic species, were characterized...