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    Université de Fribourg

    Flux Synthesis, Structure, Properties, and Theoretical Magnetic Study of Uranium(IV)-Containing A₂USi₆O₁₅ (A = K, Rb) with an Intriguing Green-to-Purple, Crystal-to-Crystal Structural Transition in the K Analogue

    Morrison, Gregory ; Ramanantoanina, Harry ; Urland, Werner ; Smith, Mark D. ; Loye, Hans-Conrad zur

    In: Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, vol. 54, no. 11, p. 5504–5511

    Single crystals of uranium(IV)-containing A₂USi₆O₁₅ (A = K, Rb) were grown using the flux growth method. The two compounds crystallize in a new structure type related to Cs₂USi₆O₁₅. K₂USi₆O₁₅ exhibits an interesting crystal-to-crystal transition, which is accompanied by an intense color change. Magnetic properties are reported for A₂USi₆O₁₅ and differ from other...