Université de Neuchâtel

When miners become “foreigners”: Competing categorizations within gold mining spaces in Guinea

Bolay, Matthieu

In: Resources Policy, 2014, vol. 40, p. 117-127

Drawing on ethnographic research and problem-centered interviews in Guinean mining areas, this paper presents a comparative reading of the conflicting conceptions of what constitutes a “mining community.” First, I explore how independent artisanal miners describe and identify their activity. The weight of autochthony conventions is discussed concerning their insertion both in the mining...

Université de Neuchâtel

Understanding the dynamics of transnational formations among Albanian-speaking migrants in Switzerland by bringing in theories of mobility, social inequality and ethnicity

Dahinden, Janine

(Working Papers MAPS ; 6)

It is nowadays beyond controversy that transnational phenomena are part of migrants’ reality and that the transnational perspective is indispensable to understand migration processes. However, I argue however that the potential of the transnational perspective could be better exploited by linking it to other social scientific theories contributing hereby to a more general theorization of...