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Université de Neuchâtel

Mesurer l’exposition au stress dans l’entreprise : le questionnaire des stresseurs organisationnels et sociaux (QSOS) = Measurement of occupational stress: A questionnaire on organizational and social stressors (QSOS)

Baggio, Stéphanie ; Iglesias, Katia ; Sutter, P.-E.

In: Archives des Maladies Professionnelles et de l'Environnement, 2014, vol. 75, no. 1, p. 34-42

Objectif La mesure du stress professionnel, problématique désormais incontournable dans le monde de l’entreprise, reste peu consensuelle, les outils visant à l’évaluer présentant des failles méthodologiques ou conceptuelles. Cette étude vise à développer un outil de mesure de l’exposition au stress professionnel afin de pallier le manque de questionnaires validés,...

Université de Neuchâtel

Independent and combined associations of risky single-occasion drinking and drinking volume with alcohol use disorder: Evidence from a sample of young Swiss men

Baggio, Stéphanie ; Dupuis, Marc ; Iglesias, Katia ; Daeppen, Jean-Bernard

In: Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2015, vol. 154, no. 1, p. 260-263

BackgroundRisky single-occasion drinking (RSOD) is a prevalent and potentially harmful alcohol use pattern associated with increased alcohol use disorder (AUD). However, RSOD is commonly associated with a higher level of alcohol intake, and most studies have not controlled for drinking volume (DV). Thus, it is unclear whether the findings provide information about RSOD or DV. This...

Université de Neuchâtel

Reproducibility of Vertebral Fracture Assessment Readings From Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry in Both a Population-based and Clinical Cohort: Cohen's and Uniform Kappa

Aubry-Rozier, Bérengère ; Chapurlat, Roland ; Duboeuf, François ; Iglesias, Katia ; Krieg, Marc-Antoine ; Lamy, Olivier ; Burnand, Bernard ; Hans, Didier

In: Journal of Clinical Densitometry, 2015, vol. 18, no. 2, p. 233-238

Vertebral fracture assessments (VFAs) using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry increase vertebral fracture detection in clinical practice and are highly reproducible. Measures of reproducibility are dependent on the frequency and distribution of the event. The aim of this study was to compare 2 reproducibility measures, reliability and agreement, in VFA readings in both a population-based and a...

Université de Neuchâtel

Not in Education, Employment, or Training Status Among Young Swiss Men. Longitudinal Associations With Mental Health and Substance Use

Baggio, Stéphanie ; Iglesias, Katia ; Deline, Stéphane ; Studer, Joseph ; Henchoz, Yves ; Mohler-Kuo, Meichun ; Gmel, Gerhard

In: Journal of Adolescent Health, 2015, vol. 56, no. 2, p. 238-243

Purpose Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET) youth are youth disengaged from major social institutions and constitute a worrying concern. However, little is known about this subgroup of vulnerable youth. This study aimed to examine if NEET youth differ from other contemporaries in terms of personality, mental health, and substance use and to provide longitudinal examination of...

Université de Neuchâtel

Segregation or Integration? Immigrant Self-Employment in Switzerland

Juhasz Liebermann, Anne ; Suter, Christian ; Iglesias, Katia

In: Journal of International Migration and Integration, 2013, vol. 15, no. 1, p. 93-115

This article investigates whether immigrant self-employment is related more to segregation in the labour market than work as an employee (making it justifiable to speak of ethnic business) or whether, on the contrary, it reflects equality with the self-employment by the Swiss. The distinctive features of this research design are the comparison of ethnic segregation in the labour market with...

Université de Neuchâtel

From dissonance to well-being and adaption? Quality of life in Switzerland over the past decades

Suter, Christian ; Iglesias, Katia ; Moussa, Jehane Simona

In: The Global Handbook of Quality of Life. Exploration of Well-Being of Nations and Continents, 2015, p. 685-714

Université de Neuchâtel

Associations between perceived discrimination and health status among frequent Emergency Department users

Baggio, Stéphanie ; Iglesias, Katia ; Hugli, Olivier ; Burnand, Bernard, Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (IUMSP), Lausanne University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland ; Ruggeri, Ornella ; Wasserfallen, Jean-Blaise ; Moschetti, Karine ; Staeger, Philippe ; Alary, Séverine ; Canepa Allen, Marina ; Daeppen, Jean-Bernard ; Bodenmann, Patrick

In: European Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2015, p. 1-6

Objective : Frequent Emergency Department (ED) users are vulnerable individuals and discrimination is usually associated with increased vulnerability. The aim of this study was to investigate frequent ED users' perceptions of discrimination and to test whether they were associated with increased vulnerability. Methods : In total, 250 adult frequent ED users were interviewed...

Université de Neuchâtel

Measurement with an automated oscillometric wrist device with position sensor leads to lower values than measurements obtained with an automated oscillometric arm device from the same manufacturer in elderly persons

Guggiari, Céline ; Büla, Christophe ; Iglesias, Katia ; Waeber, Bernard

In: Blood Pressure Monitoring, 2014, vol. 19, no. 11, p. 32-37

Objective : Home blood pressure (BP) monitoring is recommended by several clinical guidelines and has been shown to be feasible in elderly persons. Wrist manometers have recently been proposed for such home BP measurement, but their accuracy has not been previously assessed in elderly patients. Methods : Forty-eight participants (33 women and 15 men, mean age 81.3±8.0 years)...

Université de Neuchâtel

Electric Bicycles as a New Active Transportation Modality to Promote Health

Gojanovic, Boris ; Welker, Joris ; Iglesias, Katia ; Daucourt, Chantal ; Gremion, Gérald

In: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 2011, vol. 43, no. 11, p. 2204-2010

Electrically assisted bicycles (EAB) are an emerging transportation modality favored for environmental reasons. Some physical effort is required to activate the supporting engine, making it a potential active commuting option. Purpose : We hypothesized that using an EAB in a hilly city allows sedentary subjects to commute comfortably, while providing a sufficient effort for...

Université de Neuchâtel

Characterizing the vulnerability of frequent emergency department users by applying a conceptual framework: a controlled, cross-sectional study

Bodenmann, Patrick ; Baggio, Stéphanie ; Iglesias, Katia ; Althaus, Fabrice ; Velonaki, Venetia-Sofia ; Stucki, Stephanie ; Ansermet, Corine ; Paroz, Sophie ; Trueb, Lionel ; Hugli, Olivier ; Griffin, Judith L.

In: BMC Emergency Medicine, 2015, vol. 14, no. 146, p. 1-10

Background Frequent emergency department (ED) users meet several of the criteria of vulnerability, but this needs to be further examined taking into consideration all vulnerability’s different dimensions. This study aimed to characterize frequent ED users and to define risk factors of frequent ED use within a universal health care coverage system, applying a conceptual framework of...