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IOC Library

Olympic Games Munich 1972 and London 2012 : creating urban legacies - similar concepts in different times ?

Viehoff, Valerie ; Kretschmer, Holger

(IOC Olympic Studies Centre Postgraduate Research Grant Programme 2013)

Since creating lasting legacies has become essential for host cities, a growing body of research and literature has evolved. Studies of Olympic legacies suffer, however, a strong bias in favour of a handful of case studies. These have acquired the status of “role model” or blueprint for future applicants. The most common example is Barcelona 1992, known as first legacy games and a role model...

Université de Fribourg

Postal financial services, development and inclusion: Building on the past and looking to the future

d'Alcantara, Gonzales ; Dembinski, Paul H. ; Pilley, Odile

(Working Papers SES ; 451)

Post offices, inherited from the Industrial Revolution, were monolithic telephone and postal administrations. They were intimately linked to the fabric of nations and made significant contributions to state finances. From the 1960s onwards, integrators, such as UPS and FEDEX, started offering end-to-end express services, thus challenging the postal monopoly in new high added value services....

Université de Neuchâtel

The circulation of people. How does “race” matter in Switzerland ?

Lavanchy, Anne

(Working Papers MAPS ; 7)

This essay explores the institutional production of “desirable nationals” through administrative procedures of marriage and civil partnership in Switzerland. Borrowing from the field of critical race studies, it focuses on bureaucratic practices related to unions – marriages and civil partnerships – to analyse the tensions around the (re)production of an idealized Swissness”. ...

Université de Fribourg

Three-Valued Modal Logic for Qualitative Comparative Policy Analysis with Crisp-Set QCA

Mueller, Georg P.

(Working Papers SES ; 450)

Contradictory and missing outcomes are problems common to many qualitative comparative studies, based on the methodology of crisp-set QCA. They also occur in public policy analyses, e.g. if important background variables are omitted or outcomes of new policies are technically censored. As a new solution to these problems, this article proposes the use of three-valued modal logic, originally...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Paying enough taxes already? Testing the acceptability of carbon taxes with survey data

Carattini, Stefano ; Baranzini, Andrea

In spite of economist’s claims, climate policy instruments such as carbon taxes are rarely implemented. This paper analyzes the drivers of carbon taxes acceptability in the semi-direct democratic context of Geneva, Switzerland. Based on a sample of more than 300 individuals, we assess the effect on acceptability of socioeconomic characteristics, environmental attitudes, social norms as well as...