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Haute école de gestion de Genève

Economic prescriptions and public responses to climate policy

Baranzini, Andrea ; Caliskan, Metin ; Carattini, Stefano

Public acceptability is one of the main barriers to the implementation of carbon taxes. Qualitative evidence based on a sample of individuals interviewed in Geneva, Switzerland, shows that the general public would not tackle climate change as economists suggest. The gap concerns not only the choice of climate policy’s instruments (i.e. pull versus push measures), but also its specific design in...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Paying enough taxes already? Testing the acceptability of carbon taxes with survey data

Carattini, Stefano ; Baranzini, Andrea

In spite of economist’s claims, climate policy instruments such as carbon taxes are rarely implemented. This paper analyzes the drivers of carbon taxes acceptability in the semi-direct democratic context of Geneva, Switzerland. Based on a sample of more than 300 individuals, we assess the effect on acceptability of socioeconomic characteristics, environmental attitudes, social norms as well as...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Unconventional determinants of greenhouse gas emissions : the role of trust

Carattini, Stefano ; Baranzini, Andrea ; Roca, Jordi

Social norms have been included in the theory of collective action to overcome difficulties in explaining why commons may perform better when self-regulated. The role of trust has been identified in several contexts of local social dilemma, but only recently has been extended to global commons, based on large descriptive evidence collected by Elinor Ostrom. However, no quantitative evidence was...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Elasticities of gasoline demand in Switzerland

Baranzini, Andrea ; Weber, Sylvain

(Cahier de recherche ; HES-SO/HEG-GE/C--12/1/2--CH)

Using co-integration techniques, we investigate the determinants of gasoline and fuel demands in Switzerland over the period 1970-2008. In particular, we focus on the impact of prices and estimate the demand price elasticities. In the short run, we obtain very weak price elasticities of -0.09 for gasoline demand and -0.08 for fuel demand. In the long run, the corresponding estimates are -0.34 and...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Fractional integration between energy use and GDP : an application to Switzerland

Baranzini, Andrea ; Bareit, Markus ; Mathys, Nicole A. ; Weber, Sylvain

This paper investigates the short and long run relationships between energy consumption and real GDP in Switzerland. We apply cointegration and error correction models to data covering a long period, from 1950 to 2009, and distinguish between different energy sources. Our results show that there is a separate long run relationship from real GDP to energy consumption of heating oil, fuel and...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

The cost structure of water utilities in Switzerland

Baranzini, Andrea ; Faust, Anne-Kathrin

This paper estimates a translog cost function for Swiss water utilities. From the cost function, we are able to estimate measures of marginal costs as well as economies of production density, customer density and scale, which are important determinants in water policies, such as planning and water tariffs. In order to explore the determinants of water supply costs, their structure and...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Water supply : costs and performance of water utilities : evidence from Switzerland

Baranzini, Andrea ; Faust, Anne-Kathrin ; Maradan, David

In this paper, we assess the economic efficiency of Swiss water utilities. To reach this aim, we accessed a new and unexploited database, which counts 330 water utilities, representing about 55% of the drinking water distributed in Switzerland. The database spans over six years (2000-2005) and offers information on the type of the water production process, the characteristics of the network and...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Élasticité-prix de la demande d’essence en Suisse : rapport final 14 juillet 2009 : Office fédéral de l'énergie

Baranzini, Andrea ; Neto, David ; Weber, Sylvain

Dans cette étude, nous analysons la demande de carburant (essence et diesel) en Suisse. Nous étudions également la demande d’essence de manière séparée. Pour ce faire, nous utilisons des données macroéconomiques sur les quantités d’essence et de diesel au niveau de l’ensemble du pays et les mettons en relation avec différentes variables censées avoir un impact sur la consommation...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Tropical forest conservation : attitudes and preferences : cahier de recherche

Baranzini, Andrea ; Faust, Anne-Kathrin ; Huberman, David

This paper applies contingent valuation to assess public awareness of tropical deforestation; to investigate the willingness to pay (WTP) to conserve tropical forests; and to determine the impact of the payment vehicle on the stated willingness to pay. About ¾ of respondents state that they have already heard about tropical deforestation and biodiversity. People rank carbon storage as the most...