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Université de Neuchâtel

Mobility capital: Somali migrants’ trajectories of (im)mobilities and the negotiation of social inequalities across borders

Moret, Joëlle

Based on a case study of Somali migrants who have been living in Europe for at least a decade, this paper challenges the view that post-migration life is sedentary and pleads for a dialogue between mobility studies and migration studies. It explores the various cross-border mobility practices these migrants may undertake from their country of residence and how they can be transformed into social...

Université de Fribourg

Historische Epistemologie

Forster, Edgar ; Obex, Tanja

In: Weiss, G. & Zirfas, J. (Hrsg.) (2018). Handbuch Bildungs- und Erziehungsphilosophie. Wiesbaden: Springer VS

Université de Fribourg

Loss of CaMKI function disrupts salt aversive learning in C. elegans

Lim, Jana P. ; Fehlauer, Holger ; Glauser, Dominique ; Brunet, Anne ; Goodman, Miriam B.

The ability to adapt behavior to environmental fluctuations is critical for survival of organisms ranging from invertebrates to mammals. Caenorhabditis elegans can learn to avoid sodium chloride when it is paired with starvation. This behavior is likely advantageous to avoid areas without food. While some genes have been implicated in this salt aversive learning behavior, critical genetic...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Abandon ship? : party brands and politicians’ responses to a political scandal

Daniele, Gianmarco ; Galletta, Sergio ; Geys, Benny

In this article, we study politicians’ – rather than voters’ – responses to the main political scandal in Italian recent history (Tangentopoli), and overcome endogeneity concerns by analysing the local implications of this national corruption scandal. We find that local politicians withdraw support for incumbents in parties hit by Tangentopoli – inducing increased political...

Université de Fribourg

Organization of the Drosophila larval visual circuit

Larderet, Ivan ; Fritsch, Pauline ; Gendre, Nanae ; Maier, Larisa ; Fetter, Rick D. ; Schneider-Mizell, Casey ; Truman, James ; Zlatic, Marta ; Cardona, Albert ; Sprecher, Simon

Visual systems transduce, process and transmit light-dependent environmental cues. Computation of visual features depends on the types of photoreceptor neurons (PR) present, the organization of the eye and the wiring of the underlying neural circuit. Here, we describe the circuit architecture of the visual system of Drosophila larvae by mapping the synaptic wiring diagram and...

Università della Svizzera italiana

What drives the substitutability between native and foreign workers? : evidence about the role of language

Gentili, Elena ; Mazzonna, Fabrizio

This paper investigates the role of language in determining the degree of substitutability between foreign and native workers. To this end, we focus on Switzerland, an immigration-receiving country with four official languages spoken, three of which in common with bordering countries. We modify the model proposed by Ottaviano and Peri (2012) to account for the linguistic background of native...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Exchange rate fluctuations and border crossings : evidence from the Swiss-Italian border

Bello, Piera

This paper provides an empirical analysis of the effects of nominal exchange rate fluctuations on cross-border mobility and on retailer firms' sales. Exchange rate shocks may affect the labour supply decisions of cross-border workers and the propensity for consumers to shop across the border. By using hourly data on traffic flows in Ticino, the southernmost canton of Switzerland, and data on...

Haute école de travail social de Genève

Reconstruire les savoir-faire à l'oeuvre dans les activités : un modèle et trois régimes dans les activités éducatives d'un centre de jour

Stroumza, Kim

Ce texte concerne une recherche menée sur deux ans (août 2008-août 2010) et qui porte sur les activités d'éducateurs d'un centre de jour genevois faisant partie de l'Office médico-pédagogique et qui tient lieu de scolarisation pour des adolescents qui n'ont pas (ou plus) leur place dans le système scolaire ordinaire. Cette recherche vise à reconstruire et par là à collectiviser les...

Université de Neuchâtel

The car, the hammer and the cables under the tables: Intersecting masculinities and social class in a Swiss vocational school

Moret, Joëlle ; Duemmler, Kierstin ; Dahinden, Janine

Based on ethnographic material, this article explores how three groups of apprentices negotiate masculinities in the specific setting of a male-dominated vocational school in Switzerland dedicated to the building trades. We use an intersectional and relational perspective to highlight how the institutional setting of the school – mirroring wider social hierarchies – influences these young...