Université de Fribourg

Components of phylogenetic signal in antagonistic and mutualistic networks.

Rohr, Rudolf P. ; Bascompte, Jordi

In: The American Naturalist, 2014, vol. 184, no. 5, p. 556–564

Recent studies have shown a phylogenetic signal in the structure of ecological networks, making the point that evolutionary history is important in explaining network architecture. However, this previous work has focused on either antagonistic (i.e., predator-prey) or mutualistic networks and has used different methodologies. Thus, a comparative assessment of both the frequency and the strength...

Université de Fribourg

Explaining the variation in impacts of non-native plants on local-scale species richness: the role of phylogenetic relatedness

Vilà, Montserrat ; Rohr, Rudolf P. ; Espinar, José L. ; Hulme, Philip E. ; Pergl, Jan ; Roux, Johannes J. Le ; Schaffner, Urs ; Pyšek, Petr

In: Global Ecology and Biogeography, 2014, p. -

Aim: To assess how the magnitude of impacts of non-native plants on species richness of resident plants and animals varies in relation to the traits and phylogenetic position of the non-native as well as characteristics of the invaded site.Location: Global.Methods: Meta-analysis and phylogenetic regressions based on 216 studies were used to examine the effects of 96 non-native plant species on...