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Université de Fribourg

Spatial relational learning and memory abilities do not differ between men and women in a real-world, open-field environment

Banta Lavenex, Pamela A. ; Lavenex, Pierre

In: Behavioural Brain Research, 2010, vol. 207, no. 1, p. 125-137

This study assesses gender differences in spatial and non-spatial relational learning and memory in adult humans behaving freely in a real-world, open-field environment. In Experiment 1, we tested the use of proximal landmarks as conditional cues allowing subjects to predict the location of rewards hidden in one of two sets of three distinct locations. Subjects were tested in two different...

Université de Neuchâtel

Disentangling Religious, Ethnic and Gendered Contents in Boundary Work: How Young Adults Create the Figure of ‘The Oppressed Muslim Woman’

Dahinden, Janine ; Duemmler, Kerstin ; Moret, Joëlle

In: Journal of Intercultural Studies, 2014, vol. 35, no. 4, p. 329-348

The binary opposition between ‘equal European women’ and ‘oppressed Muslim women’ has become a powerful representation in Switzerland and throughout Europe. Yet little is empirically known about the mechanisms through which actors in their everyday lives (re)produce this prominent construction. In this mixed-method study with young adults in a French-speaking Swiss Canton, we explore how...

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Sex hormones and hypertension

Dubey, Raghvendra K. ; Oparil, Suzanne ; Imthurn, Bruno ; Jackson, Edwin K.

In: Cardiovascular Research, 2002, vol. 53, no. 3, p. 688-708

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Clarifying gender interactions in multivariate analysis

Duetz, Margreet ; Abel, Thomas ; Minder, Christoph

In: Sozial- und Präventivmedizin/Social and Preventive Medicine, 2003, vol. 48, no. 4, p. 252-256