Université de Fribourg

Multimodal communication in aphasia: perception and production of co-speech gestures during face-to-face conversation

Preisig, Basil C. ; Eggenberger, Noëmi ; Cazzoli, Dario ; Nyffeler, Thomas ; Gutbrod, Klemens ; Annoni, Jean-Marie ; Meichtry, Jurka R. ; Nef, Tobias ; Müri, René M.

In: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2018, vol. 12, p. -

The role of nonverbal communication in patients with post-stroke language impairment (aphasia) is not yet fully understood. This study investigated how aphasic patients perceive and produce co-speech gestures during face-to-face interaction, and whether distinct brain lesions would predict the frequency of spontaneous co-speech gesturing. For this purpose, we recorded samples of conversations...

Université de Fribourg

Eye gaze behavior at turn transition: how aphasic patients process speakers’ turns during video observation

Preisig, Basil C. ; Eggenberger, Noëmi ; Zito, Giuseppe ; Vanbellingen, Tim ; Schumacher, Rahel ; Hopfner, Simone ; Gutbrod, Klemens ; Nyffeler, Thomas ; Cazzoli, Dario ; Annoni, Jean-Marie ; Bohlhalter, Stephan ; Müri, René M.

In: Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2016, vol. 28, no. 10, p. 1613–1624

The human turn-taking system regulates the smooth and precise exchange of speaking turns during face-to-face interaction. Recent studies investigated the processing of ongoing turns during conversation by measuring the eye movements of noninvolved observers. The findings suggest that humans shift their gaze in anticipation to the next speaker before the start of the next turn. Moreover, there...

Université de Fribourg

Comprehension of co-speech gestures in aphasic patients: an eye movement study

Eggenberger, Noëmi ; Preisig, Basil C. ; Schumacher, Rahel ; Hopfner, Simone ; Vanbellingen, Tim ; Nyffeler, Thomas ; Gutbrod, Klemens ; Annoni, Jean-Marie ; Bohlhalter, Stephan ; Cazzoli, Dario ; Müri, René M.

In: PLOS ONE, 2016, vol. 11, no. 1, p. e0146583

Co-speech gestures are omnipresent and a crucial element of human interaction by facilitating language comprehension. However, it is unclear whether gestures also support language comprehension in aphasic patients. Using visual exploration behavior analysis, the present study aimed to investigate the influence of congruence between speech and co-speech gestures on comprehension in terms of...

Université de Fribourg

Cue recognition and integration – eye tracking evidence of processing differences in sentence comprehension in aphasia

Schumacher, Rahel ; Cazzoli, Dario ; Eggenberger, Noëmi ; Preisig, Basil ; Nef, Tobias ; Nyffeler, Thomas ; Gutbrod, Klemens ; Annoni, Jean-Marie ; Müri, René M.

In: PLoS ONE, 2015, vol. 10, no. 11, p. e0142853

We aimed at further elucidating whether aphasic patients’ difficulties in understanding non-canonical sentence structures, such as Passive or Object-Verb-Subject sentences, can be attributed to impaired morphosyntactic cue recognition, and to problems in integrating competing interpretations.Methods: A sentence-picture matching task with canonical and non-canonical spoken sentences was...