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Invasion of lesion territory by regenerating fibers after spinal cord injury in adult macaque monkeys

Beaud, Marie-Laure ; Rouiller, Eric M. ; Bloch, Jocelyne ; Mir, Anis ; Schwab, M.E. ; Wannier, Thierry ; Schmidlin, Eric

In: Neuroscience, 2012, vol. 27, p. 271–282

In adult macaque monkeys subjected to an incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI), corticospinal (CS) fibers are rarely observed to grow in the lesion territory. This situation is little affected by the application of an anti-Nogo-A antibody which otherwise fosters the growth of CS fibers rostrally and caudally to the lesion. However, when using the Sternberger monoclonal-incorporated antibody 32...

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Thalamocortical and the dual pattern of corticothalamic projections of the posterior parietal cortex in macaque monkeys

Cappe, Céline ; Morel, A. ; Rouiller, Eric M.

In: Neuroscience, 2007, vol. 146, no. 3, p. 1371-1387

The corticothalamic projection includes a main, modulatory projection from cortical layer VI terminating with small endings whereas a less numerous, driving projection from layer V forms giant endings. Such dual pattern of corticothalamic projections is well established in rodents and cats for many cortical areas. In non-human primates (monkeys), it has been reported for the primary sensory...

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Anti-Nogo-A antibody treatment enhances sprouting of corticospinal axons rostral to a unilateral cervical spinal cord lesion in adult macaque monkey

Freund, Patrick ; Wannier, Thierry ; Schmidlin, Eric ; Bloch, Jocelyne ; Mir, Anis ; Schwab, Martin E. ; Rouiller, Eric M.

In: The Journal of Comparative Neurology, 2007, vol. 502, no. 4, p. 644 - 659

After injury, regrowth of axons in mammalian adult central nervous system is highly limited. However, in monkeys subjected to unilateral cervical lesion (C7-C8 level), neutralization of an important neurite outgrowth inhibitor, Nogo-A, stimulated axonal sprouting caudal to the lesion, accompanied by enhanced functional recovery of manual dexterity, compared with lesioned monkeys treated with a...

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Postnatal development of the hippocampal formation: A stereological study in macaque monkeys

Jabès, Adeline ; Banta Lavenex, Pamela A. ; Amaral, 3 David G. ; Lavenex, Pierre

In: The Journal of Comparative Neurology, 2011, p. -

We performed a stereological analysis of neuron number, neuronal soma size, and volume of individual regions and layers of the macaque monkey hippocampal formation during early postnatal development. We found a protracted period of neuron addition in the dentate gyrus throughout the first postnatal year and a concomitant late maturation of the granule cell population and individual dentate gyrus...

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Intrinsic connections of the macaque monkey hippocampal formation: II. CA3 connections

Kondo, Hideki ; Lavenex, Pierre ; Amaral, David G.

In: The Journal of Comparative Neurology, 2009, vol. 515, no. 3, p. 349 - 377

We examined the topographic organization of the connections of the CA3 field of the macaque monkey hippocampus. Discrete anterograde and retrograde tracer injections were made at various positions within CA3 and CA1. The projections from CA3 to CA1 (Schaffer collaterals), which terminate in the strata radiatum, pyramidale, and oriens, are present throughout the entire transverse extent of CA1....

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Postmortem changes in the neuroanatomical characteristics of the primate brain: Hippocampal formation

Lavenex, Pierre ; Lavenex, Pamela Banta ; Bennett, Jeffrey L. ; Amaral, David G.

In: The Journal of Comparative Neurology, 2009, vol. 512, no. 1, p. 27 - 51

Comparative studies of the structural organization of the brain are fundamental to our understanding of human brain function. However, whereas brains of experimental animals are fixed by perfusion of a fixative through the vasculature, human or ape brains are fixed by immersion after varying postmortem intervals. Although differential treatments might affect the fundamental characteristics of the...

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The dual pattern of corticothalamic projection of the primary auditory cortex in macaque monkey

Rouiller, Eric M. ; Durif, Caroline

In: Neuroscience Letters, 2004, vol. 358 (1), p. 49-52

The distribution and terminal morphology of the corticothalamic projection originating from the primary auditory cortex (A1) were established in a macaque monkey, using the anterograde (and retrograde) tracer biotinylated dextran amine. A dense corticothalamic projection from A1 was found in the ventral (vMGB) and dorsal (dMGB) divisions of the medial geniculate body and, to a lesser extent, in...

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Progressive plastic changes in the hand representation of the primary motor cortex parallel incomplete recovery from a unilateral section of the corticospinal tract at cervical level in monkeys

Schmidlin, Eric ; Wannier, Thierry ; Bloch, Jocelyne ; Rouiller, Eric M.

In: Brain Research, 2004, vol. 1017, p. 172-182

After a sub-total hemisection of the cervical cord at level C7/C8 in monkeys, a paralysis of the homolateral hand is rapidly followed by an incomplete recovery of manual dexterity, reaching a plateau after about 40–50 days, whose extent appears related to the size of the lesion. During a few days after the lesion, the hand representation in the contralateral motor cortex disappeared, replaced...

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Fate of rubrospinal neurons after unilateral section of the cervical spinal cord in adult macaque monkeys: Effects of an antibody treatment neutralizing Nogo-A

Wannier-Morino, Patrizia ; Schmidlin, Eric ; Freund, Patrick ; Belhaj-Saif, Abderraouf ; Bloch, Jocelyne ; Mir, Anis ; Schwab, Martin E. ; Rouiller, Eric M. ; Wannier, Tierry

In: Brain Research, 2008, vol. 1217, p. 96-109

The present study describes in primates the effects of a spinal cord injury on the number and size of the neurons in the magnocellular part of the red nucleus (RNm), the origin of the rubrospinal tract, and evaluates whether a neutralization of Nogo-A reduces the lesioned-induced degenerative processes observed in RNm. Two groups of monkeys were subjected to unilateral section of the spinal cord...