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    Université de Fribourg

    Verarbeitung somatischer Krankheiten

    Perrez, Meinrad ; Michel, Gisela

    In: Sonderdruck aus: Enzyklopädie der Psychologie - Themenbereich C, Theorie und Forschung. 10, Gesundheitspsychologie. 1, Gesundheitspsychologie, 2005, p. 283-301

    Université de Fribourg

    Facets of Emotion Regulation in Families with Adolescents : A New Research of Approach

    Perrez, Meinrad ; Watzek, Dörte ; Michel, Gisela ; Schöbi, Dominik

    In: Contemporary Switzerland. Revisiting the Special Case, 2005, p. 61-80

    Family is the preferred place for the regulation of individual and relational affectivity, for the heating and tuning emotions. Larson and Richards (1994) call it an "arena of emotions". The project "Regulation of Emotions in Families with Adolescents" explored the processing of emotional and somatic states, the perception of other`s emotional states and the social regulation of or coping with...