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Université de Fribourg

European Citizenship Across Borders

Besson, Samantha ; Utzinger, André

In: Challenging Boundaries, Festschrift für Roland Bieber, 2007, p. 629-644

Université de Fribourg

Sovereignty in Conflict

Besson, Samantha

In: Towards an International Legal Community. The Sovereignty of States and the Sovereignty of International Law, 2006, p. 131-190

Université de Fribourg

Europe as a Demoi-cratic Polity

Besson, Samantha

In: Retfaerd - Nordisk Juridisk Tidsskrift, 2007/30/1/116/3-21

The question of democratic legitimacy in Europe has resurfaced with a particular gravity after the French and Dutch rejection of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe in 2005. By concentrating on the supranational or international level of governance in the EU, accounts of European democracy propounded since the early 1990s have diverted attention away from the national level. Since...