Revue Tranel

Revue Tranel
The TRANEL collection (TRAvaux NEuchâtelois de Linguistique), journal of the Institute of Linguistics and Communication of the University of Neuchatel, established in 1980, is published twice a year. The volumes are published on paper, but the entire collection is also available free of charge on RERO doc. Its directions are various : semantics, pragmatics, syntax, speech therapy, sociolinguistics, conversational analysis, bilingualism, terminology, diachronic change, variation, language skills, etc. The journal provides an overview of research at the Institute of Linguistics and Communication, it also provides an opportunity for researchers from other backgrounds to offer original themes and begin editing an issue.
It works on the principle of peer review, but reserves itself the right to refuse publication of an article, even after revision, that would be considered of insufficient scientific quality by experts.
Université de Neuchâtel

Maturation syntaxique chez le jeune enfant (9-36 mois). Continuité ou rupture?

Konopczynski, Gabrielle

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2001, vol. 34-35, p. 251-272

This paper deals with an important question in the area of developmental psycholinguistics. It studies the conditions for a presyntactic utterance to become a «canonical sentence» or, better, «canonical utternance» at the stage of the two-words combinations. Two main points are highlighted: – How a prelinguistic utterance, nearly without words, between 9-12 months, can nevertheless have a...