Université de Neuchâtel

A Comprehensive Socio-economic Model of the Experience Economy : the Territorial Stage

Guex, Delphine ; Crevoisier, Olivier

(Working Papers MAPS ; 9)

This paper deals with the economic dimension of the experience economy, i.e. how economic value is created between customers and producers and is articulated to monetary transactions. After discussing the Pine & Gilmore’s metaphor of stage and concept of admission fees, we propose the model of the Territorial Stage constituted by two elements. First, the Territorial Stage depends on the...

Université de Neuchâtel

Understanding the dynamics of transnational formations among Albanian-speaking migrants in Switzerland by bringing in theories of mobility, social inequality and ethnicity

Dahinden, Janine

(Working Papers MAPS ; 6)

It is nowadays beyond controversy that transnational phenomena are part of migrants’ reality and that the transnational perspective is indispensable to understand migration processes. However, I argue however that the potential of the transnational perspective could be better exploited by linking it to other social scientific theories contributing hereby to a more general theorization of...

Université de Neuchâtel

Borders, circulation and sport mega-event security : the example of Euro 2008 in Switzerland and Austria

Klauser, Francisco

(Working Papers MAPS ; 5)

The paper draws upon empirical insights provided by a two-year research project relating to security governance at the European Football Championships 2008 in Switzerland and Austria (Euro 2008). The objective is to study the role and modalities of border and access control in the context of sport mega-event security on various national and urban scales. This investigation seeks to demonstrate...