BAA – Artist’s books Onestar Press Paris

BAA – Artist’s books Onestar Press Paris

Artist’s books of the publisher Onestar Press Paris

The Bibliothèque d'art et d'archéologie (BAA) of the Musées d'art et d'histoire of the City of Genava owns the collection of artist’s books edited by the publisher Onestar Press, Paris France. On its web site, (, Onestar Press proposes the complete collection of its artist’s books. The BAA linked them to the bibliographic records of its online catalogue.

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    Bibliothèque d'art et d'archéologie, Genève

    The big umbrella : [Paris, London, Dresden, Copenhagen, New York, Martinique]

    Mir, Aleksandra

    Paris : Galerie Laurent Godin / Onestar Press, ©2007

    Tiré du site Internet de Onestar Press: "The Big Umbrella, twice the radius of the biggest men's umbrella on the market, was designed to shield up to 16 people from the rain. It was a cheerful and simply idyllic structure, but did 16 people want to crowd together to avoid getting wet ? Does bad weather affect people differently in different parts of the world ? To find out, I took my big...