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Université de Fribourg

Tautomerism as primary signaling mechanism in metal sensing: the case of amide group

Deneva, Vera ; Dobrikov, Georgi ; Crochet, Aurelien ; Nedeltcheva, Daniela ; Fromm, Katharina M. ; Antonov, Liudmil

In: Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2019, vol. 15, no. 1, p. 1898–1906

The concept for sensing systems using the tautomerism as elementary signaling process has been further developed by synthesizing a ligand containing 4- (phenyldiazenyl)naphthalene-1-ol as a tautomeric block and an amide group as metal capturing antenna. Although it has been expected that the intramolecular hydrogen bonding (between the tautomeric hydroxy group and the nitrogen atom from the...

Université de Fribourg

Synthesis and structural analysis of polynuclear silver(I) complexes with 4,7-phenanthroline

Stanojević, Ivana M. ; Savić, Nada D. ; Crochet, Aurélien ; Fromm, Katharina M. ; Đuran, Miloš I. ; Glišić, Biljana Đ.

In: Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society, 2019, vol. 84, no. 7, p. 689–699

New polynuclear silver(I) complexes, [Ag(CF3SO3)(4,7-phen)(CH3CN)]n (1) and [Ag(PO2F2)(4,7-phen)]n (2), were synthesized by the reaction of 4,7-phenanthroline (4,7-phen) and the corresponding AgX salt (X = CF3SO3 - and PF6 -) in 1:2 mole ratio, respectively, in methanol/acetone (1:1 volume ratio) at room temperature. The characterization of the complexes was established on the basis of...

Université de Fribourg

Efficient perovskite nanocrystal light-emitting diodes using a benzimidazole-substituted anthracene derivative as the electron transport material

Kumar, Sudhir ; Marcato, Tommaso ; Vasylevskyi, Serhii I. ; Jagielski, Jakub ; Fromm, Katharina M. ; Shih, Chih-Jen

In: Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2019, vol. 7, no. 29, p. 8938–8945

Colloidal nanocrystals of organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites (OIHPs) are an emerging class of solid-state lighting materials owing to their outstanding photophysical properties. Considerable research efforts have been devoted to the fabrication of high-performance light-emitting diodes (LEDs) based on these materials, including interface engineering which is essential for balancing the...

Université de Fribourg

Compartmentalization of alkaline-earth metals in salen-type Cu- and Ni-complexes in solution and in the solid state

Finelli, Alba ; Hérault, Nelly ; Crochet, Aurélien ; Fromm, Katharina M.

In: ACS Omega, 2019, vol. 4, no. 6, p. 10231–10242

The precise arrangement of metal ions in type and number by a ligand represents an important challenge in biology as well as in materials science. The preorganization of different metal ions such as alkaline-earth and transition-metal ions is of particular interest for the design of catalysts or precursors of oxides. This study is based on a Ω- shaped salen-derived ligand comprising N2O2 and...

Université de Fribourg

Anion-induced structural diversity of Zn and Cd coordination polymers based on bis-9,10-(pyridine-4-yl)-anthracene, their luminescent properties, and highly efficient sensing of nitro derivatives and herbicides

Vasylevskyi, Serhii I. ; Bassani, Dario M. ; Fromm, Katharina M.

In: Inorganic Chemistry, 2019, vol. 58, no. 9, p. 5646–5653

Luminescent coordination polymers (CPs) of Zn2+ or Cd2+ and bis-9,10-(pyridine-4- yl)-anthracene (BA) show different 1D and 2D topologies depending on the anion used in the precursor. Compounds {[Zn(μ2-BA)(MeOH)2(p-Tos)2]}n (1) and {[Zn(μ2- BA)(MeOH)2(CF3CO2)2]}n (2) form linear structures and {BA@[Zn(μ2-BA) (MeOH)2(H2O)2](CF3SO3)2}n (3) featuring intercalation of uncoordinated BA molecules...