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Université de Fribourg

Comparison of the toxicity of diesel exhaust produced by bio- and fossil diesel combustion in human lung cells in vitro

Steiner, Sandro ; Czerwinski, Jan ; Comte, Pierre ; Popovicheva, Olga ; Kireeva, Elena ; Müller, Loretta ; Heeb, Norbert ; Mayer, Andreas ; Fink, Alke ; Rothen-Rutishauser, Barbara

In: Atmospheric Environment, 2013, vol. 81, p. 380–388

Alternative fuels are increasingly combusted in diesel- and gasoline engines and the contribution of such exhausts to the overall air pollution is on the rise. Recent findings on the possible adverse effects of biodiesel exhaust are contradictive, at least partly resulting from the various fuel qualities, engine types and different operation conditions that were tested. However, most of the...