Université de Fribourg

IncH-type plasmid harboring the blaCTX-M-15, blaDHA-1, and qnrB4 genes recovered from animal isolates

Schlüter, Andreas ; Nordmann, Patrice ; Bonnin, Rémy A. ; Millemann, Yves ; Eikmeyer, Felix G. ; Wibberg, Daniel ; Pühler, Alfred ; Poirel, Laurent

In: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 2014, p. AAC.02695–14

The whole sequence of plasmid pENVA carrying the extended-spectrum ß-lactamase gene blaCTX-M-15 was determined. It has been identified from a series of clonally-related Klebsiella pneumoniae ST274 strains recovered from companion animals. This plasmid was 253,984-bp in-size and harbored, in addition to blaCTX-M-15, a large array of genes encoding...