Université de Neuchâtel

High-carrier-frequency fan-out gratings fabricated by total internal reflection holographic lithography

Ehbets, Peter ; Herzig, Hans-Peter ; Kuittinen, Markku ; Clube, Francis S. M. ; Darbellay, Yves

In: Optical Engineering, 1995, vol. 34, no. 8, p. 2377-2383

Total internal reflection (TIP) holographic lithography is applied to the fabrication of binary diffractive optical elements with submicrometer surface relief features. The recording conditions for the intermediate TIR volume hologram, used for high-resolution proximity printing, are discussed. In particular, the fabrication of efficient high-carrier-frequency fan-out gratings is considered and...

Université de Neuchâtel

Total internal reflection holography for optical interconnections

Prongue, Damien ; Herzig, Hans-Peter

In: Optical Engineering, 1994, vol. 33, no. 2, p. 636-642

We applied near-field total internal reflection holography to solve the problems of miniaturization of lenslet arrays. A regular 100x100 lenslet array with a 390-p.m focal length and a nonregular lenslet array for clock distribution to a specially designed VLSI circuit were recorded in a planar-optics configuration. We also developed an appropriate recording technique to satisfy both the...