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Université de Neuchâtel

New design for an integrated Fourier transform spectrometer

Manzardo, Omar ; Herzig, Hans-Peter ; Guldimann, Benedikt ; Marxer, Cornel ; de Rooij, Nicolaas F.

In: MOEMS and Miniaturized Systems (Proceedings of SPIE), 2000, vol. 4178, p. 310-319

We present a miniaturized Fourier transform (FT) spectrometer based on silicon micromachined. The FTS is a Michelson interferometer with one scanning mirror. The motion of the mirror is carried out by a n electrostatic comb drive actuator. The mirror displacement is 39 micrometers and its reproducibility is +/- 13 nm, which leads to a resolution better than 10 nm in the visible wavelength range....

Université de Neuchâtel

Microfabrication and characterization of an ion-selective microelectrode array platform

Guenat, Olivier T. ; Dufour, J.-F. ; van der Wal, P.D. ; Morf, Werner E. ; de Rooij, Nicolaas F. ; Koudelka-Hep, Milena

In: Sensors and Actuators B : Chemical, 2005, vol. 105, no. 1, p. 65-73

The design and the fabrication of an ion-selective electrode array platform aimed at in vitro intracellular recording are presented. The platform is composed of two parts: (i) a glass chip with microchannels whose bottom part is patterned with a platinum layer and (ii) a silicon chip in which an array of 50 μm long silicon nitride micropipettes with an inner diameter of 5 μm are structured. The...

Université de Neuchâtel

A microelectrode array (MEA) integrated with clustering structures for investigating in vitro neurodynamics in confined interconnected sub-populations of neurons

Berdondini, Luca ; Chiappalone, M. ; van der Wal, P.D. ; Imfeld, Kilian ; de Rooij, Nicolaas F. ; Koudelka-Hep, Milena ; Tedesco, M. ; Martinoia, S. ; van Pelt, J. ; Le Masson, G. ; Garenne, A.

In: Sensors and Actuators B : Chemical, 2006, vol. 114, no. 1, p. 530-541

Understanding how the information is coded in large neuronal networks is one of the major challenges for neuroscience. A possible approach to investigate the information processing capabilities of the neuronal ensembles is given by the use of dissociated neuronal cultures coupled to microelectrode arrays (MEAs). Here, we describe a new strategy, based on MEAs, for studying in vitro...

Université de Neuchâtel

Microfabrication of Pt-tip microelectrodes

Thiébaud, P. ; Beuret, C. ; de Rooij, Nicolaas F. ; Koudelka-Hep, Milena

In: Sensors and Actuators B : Chemical, 2000, vol. 70, no. 1-3, p. 51-56

This paper describes the realization of Pt-tip microelectrodes by using microfabrication technology. The total height of these microelectrodes is 47 μm, of which the upper 20 or 2 μm, respectively, are exposed Pt tips with a curvature of 0.5 μm. In order to verify the tip opening, an electrochemical plating of thin-film Pt was used. This improves the visualisation of the tips in an SEM and...

Université de Neuchâtel

High-density electrode array for imaging in vitro electrophysiological activity

Berdondini, Luca ; van der Wal, P.D. ; Guenat, Olivier ; de Rooij, Nicolaas F. ; Koudelka-Hep, Milena ; Seitz, P. ; Kaufmann, R. ; Metzler, P. ; Blanc, N. ; Rohr, S.

In: Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2005, vol. 21, no. 1, p. 167

The development of a high-density active microelectrode array for in vitro electrophysiology is reported. Based on the Active Pixel Sensor (APS) concept, the array integrates 4096 gold microelectrodes (electrode separation 20 μm) on a surface of 2.5 mm × 2.5 mm as well as a high-speed random addressing logic allowing the sequential selection of the measuring pixels. Following the electrical...

Université de Neuchâtel

Generic technological platform for microfabricating silicon nitride micro- and nanopipette arrays

Guenat, Olivier T. ; Generelli, Silvia ; Dadras, Mohammad-Mehdi ; Berdondini, L. ; de Rooij, Nicolaas F. ; Koudelka-Hep, Milena

In: Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 2005, vol. 15, no. 12, p. 2372-2378

In this paper, the design and the characterization of batch fabricated SixNy micropipette arrays with diameters ranging from 6 µm down to 250 nm are described. The process used to fabricate the micromachined pipettes includes a deep reactive ion etching step, followed by the deposition of two successive layers, a thermal oxide layer and a low stress, low pressure chemical...

Université de Neuchâtel

Microfabricated platforms for the study of neuronal and cellular networks

Berdondini, L. ; Generelli, Silvia ; Kraus, T. ; Guenat, Olivier T. ; Koster, S. ; Linder. V. ; Koudelka-Hep, Milena ; de Rooij, Nicolaas F.

In: Journal of Physics : Conference Series, 2006, vol. 34, no. 1, p. 1-6

In this contribution we present the development of three microfabricated devices for the study of neuronal and cellular networks. Together, these devices form an attractive toolbox, which is useful to stimulate and record signals of both electrical and chemical nature. One approach consist of microelectrode arrays for the study of neuronal networks, and allow for the electrical stimulation of...

Université de Neuchâtel

Arrays of High Tilt-Angle Micromirrors for Multiobject Spectroscopy

Waldis, S. ; Zamkotsian, F. ; Clerc, P.-A. ; Noell, W. ; Zickar, M. ; de Rooij, Nicolaas F.

In: IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 2007, vol. 13, no. 2, p. 168-176

Micromirror arrays are promising components for generating reflective slit masks in future multiobject spectrographs. The micromirrors, 100 μm times200 μm in size, are etched in bulk single crystal silicon, whereas a hidden suspension is realized by surface micromachining. The micromirrors are actuated electrostatically by electrodes located on a second chip. The use of silicon on insulator...

Université de Neuchâtel

Error Modelling of a Silicon Angular Rate Sensor

Marselli, C. ; Amann, Hans Peter ; Pellandini, Fausto ; Grétillat, F. ; Grétillat, M.-A. ; de Rooij, Nicolaas F.

In: Symposium Gyro Technology, 1997, p. 4.0-4.9

The coupling between microsensors and efficient signal processing is essential to achieve demanding specifications for navigation applications. The performances of a silicon micromachined angular rate sensor are outlined showing that the main shortcoming consists of an important offset drift. This error is modelled and used in a correction algorithm based on Kalman filtering. The filter aims at...

Université de Neuchâtel

Simulation and design of a three axis navigation microsystem based on micromachined sensors

Ansel, Y. ; Lerch, Philippe ; Renaud, Philippe ; Paoletti, F. ; Grétillat, M.-A. ; de Rooij, Nicolaas F. ; Schröpfer, G. ; Ballandras, S. ; de Labachelerie, M. ; Marselli, C. ; Amann, Hans Peter ; Pellandini, Fausto

In: MicroSim II (Simutation and design of microsystems and microstructures), 1997, vol. 2, p. 107-116

The project presented in this paper aims at defining the limits of microsystems through the realisation of a navigation system based on inertial microsensors. The work includes (i) design, fabrication, characterisation of accelerometers and angular rate sensors, (ii) development of techniques for simulation of sensor behaviour, and (iii) design of a sensor data processing system.