Université de Neuchâtel

Metrological characterization of custom-designed 894.6 nm VCSELs for miniature atomic clocks

Gruet, Florian ; Al-Samaneh, Ahmed ; Kroemer, Eric ; Bimboes, Laura ; Miletic, Danijela ; Affolderbach, Christoph ; Wahl, Dietmar ; Boudot, Rodolphe ; Mileti, Gaetano ; Michalzik, Rainer

In: Optics Express, 2013, vol. 21, no. 5, p. 5781-5792

We report on the characterization and validation of custom-designed 894.6 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs), for use in miniature Cs atomic clocks based on coherent population trapping (CPT). The laser relative intensity noise (RIN) is measured to be 1×10−11 Hz−1 at 10 Hz Fourier frequency, for a laser power of 700 μW. The VCSEL frequency noise...

Université de Neuchâtel

First-order cancellation of the Cs clock frequency temperature-dependence in Ne-Ar buffer gas mixture

Boudot, Rodolphe ; Miletic, Danijela ; Dziuban, Piotr ; Affolderbach, Christoph ; Knapkiewicz, Pawel ; Dziuban, Jan ; Mileti, Gaetano ; Giordano, Vincent ; Gorecki, Christophe

In: Optics Express, 2011, vol. 19, no. 4, p. 3106-3114

Through the detection of Coherent Population Trapping (CPT) resonances, we demonstrate the temperature-dependence cancellation of the Cs clock frequency in microfabricated vapor cells filled with a mixture of Ne and Ar. The inversion temperature at which the Cs clock frequency temperature sensitivity is greatly reduced only depends on the partial pressure of buffer gases and is measured to be...

Université de Neuchâtel

Quadratic dependence on temperature of Cs 0-0 hyperfine resonance frequency in single Ne buffer gas microfabricated vapour cell

Miletic, Danijela ; Dziuban, Piotr ; Boudot, Rodolphe ; Hasegawa, M. ; Chutani, R.K. ; Mileti, Gaetano ; Giordano, Vincent ; Gorecki, Christophe

In: Electronics Letters, 2010, vol. 46, no. 15, p. 1069-1071

Presented is the observation of a quadratic temperature dependence of the Cs 0-0 ground state hyperfine resonance frequency in a single Neon (Ne) buffer gas vapour microcell. The inversion temperature, expected to be theoretically independent of the buffer gas pressure, is measured to be about 80-C for two different samples. A proposal to develop chip scale atomic clocks with improved long-term...