Lateral resolution in focused electron beam-induced deposition: scaling laws for pulsed and static exposure

Szkudlarek, Aleksandra ; Szmyt, Wojciech ; Kapusta, Czesław ; Utke, Ivo

In: Applied Physics A, 2014, vol. 117, no. 4, p. 1715-1726

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    In this work, we review the single-adsorbate time-dependent continuum model for focused electron beam-induced deposition (FEBID). The differential equation for the adsorption rate will be expressed by dimensionless parameters describing the contributions of adsorption, desorption, dissociation, and the surface diffusion of the precursor adsorbates. The contributions are individually presented in order to elucidate their influence during variations in the electron beam exposure time. The findings are condensed into three new scaling laws for pulsed exposure FEBID (or FEB-induced etching) relating the lateral resolution of deposits or etch pits to surface diffusion and electron beam exposure dwell time for a given adsorbate depletion state.