Public access from Dec 1, 2019

Imaging in forensic radiology: an illustrated guide for postmortem computed tomography technique and protocols

Flach, Patricia ; Gascho, Dominic ; Schweitzer, Wolf ; Ruder, Thomas ; Berger, Nicole ; Ross, Steffen ; Thali, Michael ; Ampanozi, Garyfalia

In: Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology, 2014, vol. 10, no. 4, p. 583-606

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    Forensic radiology is a new subspecialty that has arisen worldwide in the field of forensic medicine. Postmortem computed tomography (PMCT) and, to a lesser extent, PMCT angiography (PMCTA), are established imaging methods that have replaced dated conventional X-ray images in morgues. However, these methods have not been standardized for postmortem imaging. Therefore, this article outlines the main approach for a recommended standard protocol for postmortem cross-sectional imaging that focuses on unenhanced PMCT and PMCTA. This review should facilitate the implementation of a high-quality protocol that enables standardized reporting in morgues, associated hospitals or private practices that perform forensic scans to provide the same quality that clinical scans provide in court.