First catalogue of the rust fungi of French Guiana, northern South America

Berndt, Reinhard

In: Mycological Progress, 2013, vol. 12, no. 2, p. 193-211

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    An annotated list of the rust fungi (Uredinales or Pucciniales) of French Guiana is presented. It enumerates 68 species of which 57 are new reports for the department and 3, Aecidium plukenetiae, Puccinia kourouensis and P. parianicola, are new to science. Dicheirinia guianensis and Hapalophragmium angylocalycis are excluded from the French Guianan mycobiota. New host plants are reported for Batistopsora crucis-filii, B. pistila, Cerotelium ficicola, C. sabiceae, Crossopsora piperis, Desmella aneimiae, Endophyllum guttatum, Kweilingia divina, Puccinia lateritia, Uredo anthurii and Uromyces anguriae. Previously undescribed characters are presented for Achrotelium lucumae, Chaconia ingae, Cerotelium sabiceae, Prospodium amapaensis, Sphenospora smilacina and Uromyces wulffiae-stenoglossae. Chaconia ingae showed haustorial complexes comprising both intracellular hyphae and D-haustoria. In Cerotelium sabiceae, the haustorial mother cells retained the nuclei while D-haustoria were enucleate. The occurrence of these haustorial types in tropical rust fungi is discussed. Internal basidium formation is described for the first time in Sphenospora: teliospores of S. smilacina produced external or internal basidia. The species richness and composition of the French Guianan rust mycobiota are discussed in a neotropical context