Microsatellite-based genotyping of MHC class II DRB1 gene in Iberian and Alpine ibex

Alasaad, Samer ; Biebach, Iris ; Grossen, Christine ; Soriguer, Ramón ; Pérez, Jesús ; Keller, Lukas

In: European Journal of Wildlife Research, 2012, vol. 58, no. 4, p. 743-748

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    In an analysis of a microsatellite locus (OLADRB1) linked to the MHC DRB1 gene of Iberian and Alpine ibex (Capra pyrenaica and Capra ibex), we detected strong linkage disequilibrium between both loci. The allele length polymorphism at OLADRB1 was unambiguously linked to a particular DRB1 allele. This allowed us to develop a DRB-STR matching method for both ibex species. Validation of the DRB-STR matching method was performed in 160 Iberian ibex from Spain and 98 Alpine ibex from Switzerland and Italy. This simple and relatively inexpensive protocol may find wide applications in a variety of research areas (e.g., mate choice, pathogen-driven selection) and in the biological conservation and management of the Western European ibex populations