PAD: A New Interactive Knowledge-Based Analog Design Approach

Stefanovic, Danica ; Kayal, Maher ; Pastre, Marc

In: Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, 2005, vol. 42, no. 3, p. 291-299

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    This paper presents a new Procedural Analog Design tool called PAD. It is a chart-based design environment dedicated to the design of analog circuits aiming to optimize design and quality by finding good tradeoffs. This interactive tool allows step-by-step design of analog cells by using guidelines for each analog topology. Its interactive interface enables instantaneous visualization of design tradeoffs. At each step, the user modifies interactively one subset of design parameters and observes the effect on other circuit parameters. At the end, an optimized design is ready for simulation (verification and fine-tuning). The present version of PAD covers the design of basic analog structures (one transistor or groups of transistors) and the procedural design of transconductance amplifiers (OTAs) and different operational amplifier topologies. The basic analog structures' calculator embedded in PAD uses the complete set of equations of the EKV MOS model, which links the equations for weak and strong inversion in a continuous way [1, 2]. Furthermore, PAD provides a layout generator for matched substructures such as current mirrors, cascode stages and differential pairs