Linked Metal-cluster Systems: Isolation and Characterisation of { anti -[( p -cymene)RuCl]- μ -[ κ 2- P , P ′; κ 1- P ′′-(PPh2CH2)3CMe]-[AuPt3(CO)3(PCy3)3]}(PF6)2

Chaplin, Adrian ; Béni, Zoltán ; Hartinger, Christian ; Hamidane, Hisham ; Phillips, Andrew ; Scopelliti, Rosario ; Dyson, Paul

In: Journal of Cluster Science, 2008, vol. 19, no. 1, p. 295-309

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    The new mixed-metal complex {anti-[(p-cymene)RuCl]-μ-[κ 2-P,P′;κ 1-P′′-(PPh2CH2)3CMe]-[AuCl]}PF6 and its cluster derivative {anti-[(p-cymene)RuCl]-μ-[κ 2-P,P′;κ 1-P′′-(PPh2CH2)3CMe]-[AuPt3(CO)3(PCy3)3]}(PF6)2 have been prepared and characterized. Notably, NMR spectroscopy and high resolution FT-ICR mass spectrometry, including a tandem mass spectrometric analysis, demonstrated the formation of these compounds that was also confirmed by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis