Expectation to Improve Cardiovascular Risk Factors Control in Participants to a Health Promotion Program

Chiolero, Arnaud ; Prior, John ; Bovet, Pascal ; Masson, Jean-Christophe ; Darioli, Roger

In: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2008, vol. 23, no. 5, p. 615-618

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    Background: We assessed expectations to improve cardiovascular disease risk factors (CVD-RF) in participants to a health promotion program. Participants and Methods: Blood pressure (BP), blood glucose (BG), blood total cholesterol (TC), body mass index (BMI), and self-reported smoking were assessed in 1,598 volunteers from the general public (men: 40%; mean age: 56.7 ± 12.7years) participating in a mobile health promotion program in the Vaud canton, Switzerland. Participants were asked about their expectation to have their CVD-RF improved at a next visit scheduled 2-3years later. Results: Expectation for improved control was found in 90% of participants with elevated BP, 91% with elevated BG, 45% with elevated TC, 44% who were overweight, and 35% who were smoking. Expectation for TC improvement was reported more often by men, persons with high level of TC, and persons who had consulted a doctor in the past 12months. Expectations to lose weight and to quit smoking were found more often in younger persons than the older ones. Conclusion: Volunteers from the general population participating in a health promotion program expected improved control more often for hypertension and dysglycemia than for dyslipidemia, overweight and smoking