The MIIM LCA PH.D. club: Presentation and introduction

Andersson, Karin ; Baumann, Henrikke ; Cowell, Sarah ; Finnveden, Göran ; Frischknecht, Rolf ; Hofstetter, Patrick ; Jönsson, Åsa ; Lundie, Sven ; Tukker, Arnold

In: The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 1999, vol. 4, no. 3, p. 175-179

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    During 1998, the number of completed Ph.D.s on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) seemed to be larger than any previous year. In order to mark this achievement, a special series is being published in the International Journal of LCA. In this introductory paper, the Class of MUM outline the results of their research work over the last few years. A number of common points and tendencies have emerged through this work. First of all, the scope-dependency of LCA models: some of us have discerned in particular the need to distinguish between descriptive and change-oriented LCAs. Secondly, a number of the theses focus on the interaction between LCA and decision-making. Thirdly, the benefits of pluralism in impact assessment and allocation have been advocated in some of the theses. Finally, it may be noted that in these theses structuring the management of controversial issues seems to be preferred to eliminating such issues by a process of harmonisation. Future papers will map out the intellectual journeys undertaken in the development of these theses and discuss key findings in more detail