Solitary infantile choriocarcinoma of the liver: MRI findings

van der Hoef, Marianne ; Niggli, Felix ; Willi, Ulrich ; Huisman, Thierry

In: Pediatric Radiology, 2004, vol. 34, no. 10, p. 820-823

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    Infantile hepatic choriocarcinoma is a rare, highly malignant germ-cell tumour believed to result from a choriocarcinoma of the placenta that spreads to the child. Most infants present with a characteristic clinical picture of anaemia, hepatomegaly and precocious puberty. Imaging findings, including conventional MRI, may be non-specific. To improve the accuracy of diagnosis, we present the imaging findings of contrast-enhanced dynamic MRI in a 4.5-month-old boy with infantile hepatic choriocarcinoma