TubeSpin bioreactor 50 for the high-density cultivation of Sf-9 insect cells in suspension

Xie, Qiuling ; Michel, Patrik ; Baldi, Lucia ; Hacker, David ; Zhang, Xiaowei ; Wurm, Florian

In: Biotechnology Letters, 2011, vol. 33, no. 5, p. 897-902

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    Here we present the TubeSpin bioreactor 50 (TubeSpins) as a simple and disposable culture system for Sf-9 insect cells in suspension. Sf-9 cells had substantially better growth in TubeSpins than in spinner flasks. After inoculation with 106cells/ml, maximal cell densities of 16×106 and 6×106cells/ml were reached in TubeSpins and spinner flasks, respectively. In addition the cell viability in these batch cultures remained above 90% for 10days in TubeSpins but only for 4days in spinner flasks. Inoculation at even higher cell densities reduced the duration of the lag phase. After inoculation at 2.5×106cells/ml, the culture reached the maximum cell density within 3days instead of 7days as observed for inoculation with 106cells/ml. Infection of Sf-9 cells in TubeSpins or spinner flasks with a recombinant baculovirus coding for green fluorescent protein (GFP) resulted in similar GFP-specific fluorescence levels. TubeSpins are thus an attractive option for the small-scale cultivation of Sf-9 cells in suspension and for baculovirus-mediated recombinant protein production