Retroperitoneoscopic donor nephrectomy: donor outcome and complication rate in comparison with three different techniques

Ruszat, Robin ; Sulser, Tullio ; Dickenmann, Michael ; Wolff, Thomas ; Gürke, Lorenz ; Eugster, Thomas ; Langer, Igor ; Vogelbach, Peter ; Steiger, Jürg ; Gasser, Thomas ; Stief, Christian ; Bachmann, Alexander

In: World Journal of Urology, 2006, vol. 24, no. 1, p. 113-117

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    Four surgical techniques for living donor nephrectomy were analyzed retrospectively in terms of perioperative outcome and early complication rate. A total of 182 donor nephrectomies including 69 open (OLDN), 14 fully laparoscopic (LDN), 34 hand-assisted laparoscopic (HLDN) and 65 retroperitoneoscopic (RLDN) nephrectomies were analyzed. There was a significant difference in mean operating time (OPT) between the OLDN (160min) and RLDN (150min) as compared to the LDN (212min) and HLDN group (192min) (P<0.001). Mean warm ischemia time (WIT) was significantly shorter with OLDN (114s), RLDN (121s) and HLDN (128s) when compared to LDN (238s) (P<0.001). Major complication rate was comparable among the groups. Independent of the preferred technique, donor nephrectomy is associated with complication rates. RLDN is comparable to OLDN in terms of OPT, WIT. Learning endoscopic donor nephrectomy could be associated with a higher complication rate