Comparative trends in hospitalizations for osteoporotic fractures and other frequent diseases between 2000 and 2008

Lippuner, K. ; Grifone, S. ; Schwenkglenks, M. ; Schwab, P. ; Popp, A. ; Senn, C. ; Perrelet, R.

In: Osteoporosis International, 2012, vol. 23, no. 3, p. 829-839

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    Summary: In Switzerland, the number, incidence, and cost of acute hospitalizations for major osteoporotic fractures (MOF) and major cardiovascular events (MCE) increased in both women and men between 2000 and 2008, although the mean length of stay (LOS) was significantly reduced. Similar trend patterns were observed for hip fractures and strokes (decrease) and nonhip fractures and acute myocardial infarctions (increase). Introduction: The purpose of this study was to compare the trends and epidemiological characteristics of hospitalizations for MOF and other frequent diseases between years2000 and 2008 in Switzerland. Methods: Trends in the number, age-standardized incidence, mean LOS, and cost of hospitalized MOF and MCE (acute myocardial infarction, stroke, and heart failure) were compared in women and men aged ≥45years, based on data from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. Results: Between 2000 and 2008, the incidence of acute hospitalizations for MOF increased by 3.4% in women and 0.3% in men. In both sexes, a significant decrease in hip fractures (−15.0% and −11.0%) was compensated by a concomitant, significant increase in nonhip fractures (+24.8% and +13.8%). Similarly, the incidence of acute hospitalizations for MCE increased by 4.4% in women and 8.2% in men, as an aggregated result from significantly increasing acute myocardial infarctions and significantly decreasing strokes. While the mean LOS in the acute inpatient setting decreased almost linearly between years2000 and 2008 in all indications, the inpatient costs increased significantly (p < 0.001) for MOF (+30.1% and +42.7%) and MCE (+22.6% and +47.1%) in women and men, respectively. Conclusions: Between years2000 and 2008, the burden of hospitalized osteoporotic fractures to the Swiss healthcare system has continued to increase in both sexes. In women, this burden was significantly higher than that of MCE and the gap widened over time