A suite of definitions for consistency criteria in distributed shared memories = un ensemble hiérarchique de définitions pour les critères de cohérence dans les mémoires distribuées partagées

Raynal, Michel ; Schiper, André

In: Annales Des Télécommunications, 1997, vol. 52, no. 11-12, p. 652-661

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    A shared memory built on top of a distributed system constitutes a distributed shared memory (DSM). If a lot of protocols implementing DSMS in various contexts have been proposed, no set of homogeneous definitions has been given for the many semantics offered by these implementations. This paper provides a suite of such definitions for atomic, sequential, causal, PRAM and a few others consistency criteria. These definitions are based on a unique framework : a parallel computation is defined as a partial order on the set of read and write operations invoked by processes, and a consistency criterion is defined as a constraint on this partial order. Such an approach provides a simple classification of consistency criteria, from the more to the less constrained one. This paper can also be considered as a survey on consistency criteria for DSMS