Burkitt's lymphoma with bilateral cavernous sinus and mediastinal involvement in a child

Huisman, Thierry ; Tschirch, Frank ; Schneider, Jacques ; Niggli, Felix ; Martin-Fiori, Ernst ; Willi, Ulrich

In: Pediatric Radiology, 2003, vol. 33, no. 10, p. 719-721

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    We report a 12-year-old boy who presented with incomplete right ophthalmoplegia, exophthalmos and headache. Initial CT and MRI revealed a mass in the right cavernous sinus. During tumour work-up, CT identified additional tumour within the mediastinum. Biopsy of the mediastinal lesion identified Burkitt's lymphoma. We report on this case because radiologists and clinicians should be alerted to identify sites of primary Burkitt's lymphoma outside of the central nervous system if clinical symptoms indicate, or imaging shows, CNS lesions. Primary CNS involvement in Burkitt's lymphoma is rare