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Entrer en interaction : modalité des ressources mobilisées par des mères entendantes pour attirer l'attention de leur enfant sourd

Caët, Stéphanie ; Marie, Berangère ; Parmentier, Laure ; Lehembre, Valérie

In: Revue Tranel, 2017, vol. 66, p. 125-141

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    In this paper, we analyze the resources that two hearing mothers of a hearing child (Hh) and two hearing mothers of a deaf child (Hd) call in to attract their 1 to 3 years-old child's attention and create sequences of joint attention. All four dyads were recorded in their homes, while conducting everyday activities. The data was systematically annotated with the ELAN software. The resources we identified were classified into three different types according to the modality they involved: audio-oral, visual and gestural, and tactile. The results show that the Hd mothers rely much more on visual-gestural and tactile resources than the Hh mothers, including taping on the child's body. The mother of the deaf child with no hearing aids used audio-oral resources often. The mother of the deaf implanted child shows specific adaptation according to whether her child is using his cochlear implants or not. We suggest that recent evolutions (in hearing aids on the one hand, and in regards to sign language and multimodality on the other hand) may shape in a new way the nature of the interactions between hearing mothers and their deaf child.