Wunsch nach vielfältiger Eindeutigkeit : Bewegung in der Schweizer Musikdidaktik : zur Gründung des Verbandes Fachdidaktik Musik Schweiz

Blanchard, Olivier ; Hofer, Thomas ; Huber, Jürg ; Zurmühle, Jürg

In: Diskussion Musikpädagogik, 2016, no. 71, p. 56-59

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    At the inaugural conference of the Verband Fachdidaktik Musik Schweiz (Association for Musical Didactics Switzerland) on 16 January 2016, for which the general topic was “Orientations”, the stimulus paper and the ensuing rounds of moderated discussions examined the problems posed by the conflicting priorities of establishing an agreed, standardized reference framework while respecting the great diversity of musical education in Switzerland. It was suggested that a good starting platform might be Huib Schippers’ “Twelve Continuum Transmission Framework”. The discussions produced a consensus that only a process of constant renegotiation of position by all actors can lead to a robust concept of professionalization appropriate to the distinctive history and evolution of Switzerland.