Semi-analytical study on the generic degeneracy for galaxy clustering measurements

Guarnizo, Alejandro ; Amendola, Luca ; Kunz, Martin ; Vollmer, Adrian

In: Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, 2014, vol. 10, no. S306, p. 347-350

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    From the galaxy power spectrum in redshift space, we derive semi-analytical results on the generic degeneracy of galaxy clustering measurements. Defining the observables A = Gbσ 8 and R = Gfσ 8, (being G the growth function, b the bias, f the growth rate, and σ8 the amplitude of the power spectrum), we perform a Fisher matrix formalism to forecast the expected precision of these quantities for a Euclid-like survey. Among the results we found that galaxy surveys have generically a slightly negative correlation between A and R , and they can always measure R about 3.7 to 4.7 times better than A