Boris Uspenskij and the semiotics of communication: An essay and an interview

Mazzali-Lurati, Sabrina ; Uspenskij, Boris

In: Semiotica, 2014, vol. 2014, no. 199, p. 109-124

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    At the core of this article is an interview to Boris Uspenskij, in which the well-known protagonist of the Tartu-Moscow School (currently Head of the Laboratory of Linguistics and Semiotics at the National Research University 's'sHigher School of Economics'' in Moscow) develops on semiotics and the sense and aims of semiotic research, communication and its central role in human consciousness, semiotic theory and methodology, in general and specifically referring to his personal approach. The interview is introduced by a brief essay, in which, by presenting and outlining the main thesis of Ego Loquens (one of the most recent works by Uspenskij, which so far has not appeared in English) and its articulations, Uspenskij's reflections on the semiotics of communication emerge