Extensive Conservation of Linkage Relationships Between Pea and Lentil Genetic Maps

Weeden, N. F. ; Muehlbauer, F. J. ; Ladizinsky, G.

In: Journal of Heredity, 1992, vol. 83, no. 2, p. 123-129

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    A 560-cM linkage map consisting of 64 morphological, isozyme, and DNA markers, has been developed from an interspecific cross (Lens ervoides × L. Culinaris). In addition, nine markers were scored that assorted independently of any of the multilocus linkage groups. Comparison of this map with that established previously for Pisum sativum reveals eight regions in which linkages among marker loci appear to have been conserved since the divergence of the two genera. These conserved linkage groups constitute at least 250 cM, or approximately 40% of the known linkage map for Lens. The two genera represent disparate lineages within the legume tribe Vicease, indicating that all members of this tribe may possess linkage groups similar to those identified in Lens and Pisum. Instances where the Pisum and Lens maps differed included the regions surrounding the 45S ribosomal tandem repeats and the position and distribution of the genes encoding the small subunit of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase. We also found a highly repeated sequence unique to Lens that maps within a linkage group shared between the two genera and a cDNA sequence that displays significant variation in copy number within the genus Lens