Rgtsp: a generalized top scoring pairs package for class prediction

Popovici, Vlad ; Budinská, Eva ; Delorenzi, Mauro

In: Bioinformatics, 2011, vol. 27, no. 12, p. 1729-1730

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    Summary: A top scoring pair (TSP) classifier consists of a pair of variables whose relative ordering can be used for accurately predicting the class label of a sample. This classification rule has the advantage of being easily interpretable and more robust against technical variations in data, as those due to different microarray platforms. Here we describe a parallel implementation of this classifier which significantly reduces the training time, and a number of extensions, including a multi-class approach, which has the potential of improving the classification performance. Availability and Implementation: Full C++ source code and R package Rgtsp are freely available from http://lausanne.isb-sib.ch/~vpopovic/research/. The implementation relies on existing OpenMP libraries. Contact: vlad.popovici@isb-sib.ch