Large scale magnetic field of the G8 dwarf ξ Bootis A

Petit, P. ; Donati, J. F. ; Aurière, M. ; Landstreet, J. D. ; Lignières, F. ; Marsden, S. ; Mouillet, D. ; Paletou, F. ; Toqué, N. ; Wade, G. A.

In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2005, vol. 361, no. 3, p. 837-849

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    We investigate the magnetic geometry of the active G8 dwarf ξ Bootis A (ξ Boo A), from spectropolarimetric observations obtained in 2003 with the MuSiCoS échelle spectropolarimeter at the Télescope Bernard Lyot (Observatoire du Pic du Midi, France). We repeatedly detect a photospheric magnetic field, with periodic variations consistent with rotational modulation. Circularly polarized (Stokes V) line profiles present a systematic asymmetry, showing up as an excess in amplitude and area of the blue lobe of the profiles. Direct modelling of Stokes V profiles suggests that the global magnetic field is composed of two main components, with an inclined dipole and a large scale toroidal field. We derive a dipole intensity of about 40 G, with an inclination of 35° of the dipole with respect to the rotation axis. The toroidal field strength is of the order of 120 G. A noticeable evolution of the field geometry is observed over the 40 nights of our observation window and results in an increase in field strength and dipole inclination. This study is the first step of a long term monitoring of ξ Boo A and other active solar type stars, with the aim of investigating secular fluctuations of stellar magnetic geometries induced by activity cycles