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000029748 100__ $$aNguyen, Minh Tuan
000029748 245__ $$9eng$$aEnhancing legacy systems with agent technology$$bMAgIL framework
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000029748 502__ $$92012-05-30$$aThèse de doctorat : Université de Fribourg, 2012
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000029748 520__ $$9eng$$aToday's complex organizations such as hospitals, banks, airline companies, rely on sophisticated information systems to process large volume of data necessary to conduct their daily business. These information systems often inherit many weaknesses from the past during their life cycle. This is due to the fact that the organizations must preserve massive past investment in what we call legacy information systems. This thesis analyzes the weaknesses and problems of legacy information systems, and proposes a solution using the agent technology. The proposed agent-based approach focuses on a multi-agent subsystem whose objective is to enhance and integrate different legacy information systems within and between organizations. A multi-layered architecture of an enhanced legacy information system is designed, in which the multi-agent subsystem is called Multi-Agent Integration Layer (MAgIL). In order to unify the implementation of multi-agent subsystems, a MAgIL framework and a development process are defined. Finally, a case study in the healthcare domain is undertaken to validate the MAgIL approach and its framework.
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